Happy Friday, Friends.

We've had so many "happies" that I've been meaning to share on here for awhile now.

I am still unsure to where August and the beginning of September decided to run. The beginning of our summer seemed to move at a nice slow pace, and the fall (despite it still being 94 degrees here) is moving like a freight train- not that that surprises me in the least. I am sure this train is only going to continue to gain speed, so I hope to relish every fun memory we are making, taking advantage of all the opportunities we have been given.

Towards the end of last month, I was able to fly to the Carolinas for a quick trip to visit my parents and gather with long-time friends at a beautifully southern engagement party.

We love these two and are so excited to be a part of their wedding next summer!

While I was gone, Andrew enjoyed a weekend of outdoor fun. Scout girl had a great time too, as she loves swimming and roaming free (while still staying close to her peeps, thankfully).

But obviously she missed me due to the amount of smiles and snuggles that erupted upon my return to the homestead. At least I like to believe that. Love this stinker so much.

Over labor day weekend we ventured to Nashville with some Air Force friends. We explored the famous Broadway area and then celebrated at the wedding of some new, precious friends. The crazy rain didn't keep away the fun we had! The sweet couple are now both in Columbus and living downtown (where ALL the cool kids live. cough cough) in an adorable loft apartment. We had a great time hosting them for dinner last night and I'm looking forward to some fun times with them in the future. 

 The first weekend of this month we traveled (together this time :)) back to the best state in the union. This time to stay with one of our favorite couples in Greenville and to go to the first Clemson home game. We were able to reunite with lots of friends, and even score (amazing) free tickets. So grateful!
It was hot that day, but I had forgotten how wonderful blue ridge mountain breezes feel...bliss.  

There's not many romances better than a Clemson one, amiright? ;)

 Last weekend AC was out of town on a cross-country flight. I had a date with my favorite little guy over popcorn and the movie, Turbo. I can't tell you how fun it was to hang out with a polite and funny four-year-old after dealing with grumpy adults at work all week. :)

On Saturday, I helped with some last-minute details for a wedding here in town. It was beautiful!

 So many sweet moments to capture! So many reasons to be grateful.

What fun memories have y'all be making?


  1. This all looks like fun! You have been so busy! Football and travels and weddings! All good things.

    I think there must be something in the air - a lot of people were grumpy this week! But, now that it's Friday, everyone is all smiles. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!