Happy Fall!

Happy Fall! I'm so thankful for the upcoming season!

loving what all this week has brought us so far...

-A celebratory homemade sign using some wood I found on my neighbor's curb (sanded, stained, painted)
-65 degrees on my morning walks
-White chicken chili and cornbread for my small group last night (Tuesday nights are my favorite!)
-Wearing booties and jeans to church on Sunday (and watching the finest bass player on the planet ;).)
-A tennis game at the MUW for date night
-Beautiful flowers from the one and only K-roger..and a new Aspen Bay candle
-Warm, soft blankets and snuggles
-The opening of C-Town's Starbucks (I still can't believe it) and iced coffees with one pump of pumpkin (it is still a nice 85 degrees midday. gotta love the south)
-Back porch sitting while reading my newest book, Jesus Feminist


a lower electricity bill! can I get an amen?!

We are headed to Chattanooga after work today for a fun, fall vacation with my parents. Sooooo excited to explore a fun new town and take in the start of Autumn!

Love ya, mean it-


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