Oh Bethel, Ya do it again.

Hi, friends!

I hope that this week has met you with joy, or that you are choosing joy over what may be trying to take it away. Some weeks are just like that, huh?

It has been a busy one for us (aren't they always after vacation?), but has been so, so good, too.

I am trying to catch up on some blogs- some pics from our trip, some fun recipes I've made, and just some other tidbits...but for now I wanted to share this beautiful song. I just need to share it.

As you all know, I am a huge fan of Jesus Culture and Bethel Music. I mean LOVE. Like get on your nerves talking about them love. Which you kind of have to love them to be committed to their always-six-minutes-and-then-some-long jams. Which for me always turn in to a good fifteen-ish minutes because I am all goosebumpy and crying and needing to listen just a little while longer pleeeease.  

I loved listening to this before work this morning and feeling peace and assurance from HIM. Not to sound like super dork Christian, but do you ever just like to close your eyes and let the sounds and the lyrics wash over you, literally washing out the sounds of your thoughts, your worries, your to-do list? *raises hands like the little wannabe charismatic that I am*

Man, I can't wait to sound like Kim Walker and now, maybe Kristene DiMarco in Heaven! Laugh.


Y'all are the best and I love ya-


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