Happy Thursday, sweet things.

The other day I was reading a post on a good friend's blog, and I love how she just wrote whatever she wanted to write in no order whatsoever. I'm thinking I will give it a try.

So, a hard lesson learned last year, the leaves do not really change color here in the Fall.
Hellooooo, why didn't someone prepare this white girl in advance that the leaves just fall off and die? ;)  Even still, my neighborhood walks are always beautiful.

The walks are especially lovely during the crisp, morning hours.
And then I go to work and make a pumpkin coffee and pretend there are orange leaves outside my window and all is well with the world.

We have been given some fall weather though, and A was just itchin' to have a fireside date.
I so love his wild and fun spirit. A fire on a Wednesday night? Why not?

 Speaking of wild and fun, I attempted to look the part for a Halloween-themed  Bunco night.
I spent $1 at Dirt Cheap on an oversized tank and neon raybans to be a "modern sorority girl" (this is the scene nowadays).

I really wish the extra-large look was popular during my sorority days. Well, maybe not extra-large, but the freedom to at least divert to a size other than small would have been nice.. ;) laugh.

I also must confess that I attempted my first mirror selfie as part of the whole character. Confirmed: they are hard. Props to you young gals that blow up my news feed with these. Work those quads.

Friday night we went as Walker Texas Ranger and a cat burglar to another party. Another $2 well spent at the ole DC. I am still laughing/impressed with A's eyeshadow beard. Wild and fun, that one. I also feel the need to mention everyone left the party by 10pm. Friday nights are hard.

There have been even more flannel appearances around here since my last post.
I have to admit, I  the girls in our house really like it.

We got to enjoy another fire with friends the other night. 
With more flannel. And venison chilly. And scarves.
 I loved our time together.

Last night before small group, I dropped by my friend's soccer game.
Can I just say that little humans in those uniforms and little cleats is one of the cutest things on the planet? I'm pretty upset with myself for not being a witness to such a thing until now.

And lastly, I used to laugh at my parents for going in to the living room at night to watch TV only to fall asleep on the couch about eight minutes later. Ahem.

Life is so sweet, dreary-time-change-sans-orange-leaves and all, and I'm so grateful. These are the little glimpses I will want to look back on and cherish. In this place, with these people, in this season.

We are headed to not one, but TWO weddings this weekend, and I'm looking forward to hitting the road and reuniting with family and friends. Despite the dozens of weddings that have been packed in to the recent years, I still get giddy before each and every one. We're honored to stand beside our friends as they marry their loves...and the fun receptions with friends from hours away make the deal even better. ;)


  1. Ahh Sounds like you are having an amazing fall! Miss you, friend!

  2. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to see pics from the weddings! I love you!!