Tis the Season.

Happy Christmas-time, friends!

While December has gone quicker than I would have liked, I'm grateful for the fun memories we have made in this sweet season. 

We've been given the most incredible community here where we are, I could just cry! What a year it has been. And I can't wait to get my arms around family in the next few days as well. I continue to pray that my eyes and heart would stay focused on what really matters as we wrap up the Holiday season.

I am so loving this today, and declaring it my anthem:

I love y'all and wish you joy and love this season!

Easy Party Mix.

As we all know, this gal loves her snacks. Well, I'm just a lover of good food in general. ;)

This "recipe" came to me in a vision while running around trying to come up with a good finger food to take to a get-together after working late.

It was so clear: "make a snack mix out of all the things you love" Boom.

So here we have "Lizanne's running-late party mix that everyone left the huge bowl empty". 

I must warn you this is not the healthiest. Moderation is... optional. (or you can finish the whole batch in three hours like we did).

1 box of cheez-its, cheese-nips, or even "cheap-its"/off brand*
1 bag of regular pretzels*
1 box of wheat chex*
1 dry packet of ranch dressing/dip mix
1/4 cup canola oil (not exact, drizzle until you see what works best)
1 tbsp red pepper flakes (optional)
*You will really only use half the package of these. You can double the recipe by adding whole boxes and adding more ranch mix and oil. 

Pour cheez-its, pretzels, and chex out in to a large bowl or pan
Mix together oil, ranch packet, and pepper flakes
Pour the oil mixture over the dry mix and stir to coat thoroughly 
..and at this point it might be nice to warm in the oven on a low temperature like you do regular chex mix; however, we didn't do this and just let it sit for a few minutes to dry and it was just fine
Pour into a large serving bowl and enjoy!

I've got this made for bunco tonight and am just hoping I don't eat half of it before then!

Happy Thursday, Friends!