IF: Gathering {Austin, Texas}

{April 17th, 2015}

Several weeks ago I traveled with two great friends to Austin, Texas to attend the IF: Gathering.

 This was my first time experiencing IF (and my first time experiencing Austin- wowee) and I loved every minute! An overflow of encouragement from authentic women of God, fun friend time, amazing worship, big city life, and lots and lots of Tex-Mex? Yas, honey.

Gorgeous scene at Austin City Limits.
Christine Caine, everybody! 
"(Speaking from Joshua 1) In transition seasons, Satan puts in fear. We are on the edge of the river, but we are still there- there are things we need to do. What's dead in your life that God has said is dead? Leave it at the foot of the cross and MOVE towards God's destiny for you!" -CC (love this little firecracker so much!)

 Magnolia Cafe, South Congress Cafe, Guero's Taco Bar, Annie's, just to name a few...(drool)

Shauna Niequist and her lovely mother, Lynne Hybels.
"Watching her walk her journey gave me permission to walk mine. Watching her struggle back to the faith was a blessing to me." -Shauna, on watching her mom while growing up (powerful!)

We were poured in to my so many other women of faith: Jennie Allen, Amena Brown, Lauren Chandler, Susie Davis, Debbie Eaton, Margaret Fienberg, Shelly Giglio, Jen Hatmaker, Esther Havens, Rebekah Lyons, Lindsey Nobles, Bianca Olthoff, Jo Saxton, Angie Smith, Laura Sobiech, and Ann Voskamp! There was also a guest appearance by Bob and Maria Goff! It was incredible.

annnnd of course, the Tex-Mex ;)

I'll leave you with this..Amen!!

xoxoxo, y'all!


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