Two Years.

{March 23, 2015}


Two whole years of soaking up life with this guy.
Two whole years of utter joy, the deepest laughter, and handfuls of kitchen dance parties.

Two whole years of adventures, hardships, triumphs, and lazy snuggles.

Two whole years of wonderful memories...and just plain-out-BIG-OLE-LOVE.

Amen amen amen.

Many say, "your wedding day is the best day of your life!". Indeed, ours was an incredible day. The worship, the sight of my groom, the sweet vows, the laughter, the presence of family and friends, the twirls and the dips, the twinkle lights, the sweet little details, the kind words and tight hugs, the beautiful location, the beautiful day, the amazing band and the packed dance floor... everything was just PERFECT. I sure wish I could go back.

 But today, today is the best day of our marriage. Every day can be if we choose it. The past two years have been full of the best days. The marriage is even sweeter than the wedding (harder to believe, I KNOW it, girls. Especially those in the midst of planning.) So yay for beautiful weddings but an even louder praise for marriage!!!

Marriage is the best gift. Don't let anyone let ya think otherwise.

Thanks to all of y'all for your wise counsel, prayers, support, and examples you've given to us.

And biggest thanks to you, Jesus, because as we all know, "We love because you first loved us!"

Love y'all lots. Off to sushi!