{May 1st, 2015}

 Birthday Celebration #27 (April 21, 2015) was one of the most special and here's just a few reasons why:

AC surprised me with homemade breakfast and coffee (my favorite!), a mani-pedi gift certificate (my favorite!), one of his famous (to me) hand-written, thoughtful, funny letters (my favorite!), and grocery store flowers (my favorite!). Oh, and lots of hugs (my favorite!). HE IS MY FAVORITE. Love 'em so much my cheeks hurt.

After my parents made their traditional early-morning birthday call filled with singing (my favorite!) I headed to work, where I was surprised throughout the day with all sorts of happies from my wonderful family and friends.

Cookies at work?! My first time ever. Everyone should get cookies at work on their birthday!

Several packages, cards, and more hydrangeas (my favorite!)
 Also, please die laughing at the card one friend sent. (insert crying-laughing emoji 1000 times)

THEN! Lucky me, my birthday happened to be on a Tuesday aka GIRLS' SMALL GROUP NIGHT!
All my Tuesday favorites came over and didn't allow me to lift a finger! They each brought a dish (or several). Basically, they catered a birthday party, because the food was THAT delicious. The best kind of food too, finger foods and salads (my favorite!) and good wine (you're getting the theme by now, my favorites!) We didn't even make it to the table. We literally stood around our kitchen counter talking, laughing, and eating. The best kind of get-together! They even made me a pound cake birthday cake (with no icing!)- so incredibly thoughtful!

AND someone (mama not pictured) brought their month-old nugget that we got to pass around and ooh and ahhh over! This whole "doing life together" thing...the messy, the hard, the fun, the celebratory, MAN it is truly the best.

Precious, beautiful, chunky babies!!! My favorite!!

Thank you so much, you kind and wonderful family and friends. My birthday was just perfect. There was nothing elaborate, yet there was SUCH big love shown in such special ways. It is truly wonderful to know that people have taken  the time to know me and love me. Y'all truly make my heart so full.

I love you all so much and remember this season with fond memories forever!


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