Way to Go, Esquire.

{June 10th, 2015}

A friend just shared this story with me that I wanted to share with y'all:

As you can see, the story is about a man with Autism who graduated law school and is now a licensed attorney. And well, I just need to make a list:

1. THIS GUY. "I want to help others with special needs to exceed their own expectations." Wow. What a humble spirit coming from someone who has beaten all the odds...AND HELLO: passed the California Bar (beyond difficult. 55% passage rate, people) on his first try. What a baller.

2. THIS MAMA!  "Embrace the child that you have and maximize whatever that potential's going to be..." as ya know, she DROVE her son to law school every day. I cannot even imagine! After years of therapy..and IEP meetings...and closed doors...and I'm sure lots of tears. She never gave up. Y'all. She drove her son to law school and sat in the lobby (and believe me, law school can be the pits). What sacrifice. What LOVE!

3. How can I better aim to teach, encourage, and instill this same truth of YOU ARE MORE THAN A STATISTIC to those with special needs in our community (and their families)? Really to anyone who is struggling that crosses our path? To help them exceed expectations? Or to even see past the limitations placed on them? How can I better rally behind those I love? So much to reflect on...

4. Parents of special needs children and adults, special education teachers, therapists, and support staff, advocates and cheerleaders...I love ya and am rooting for ya. Keep fighting the good fight. What you do is making a difference. You truly matter.

5. Is anyone else a little teary while watching this? Especially at the end when his smile is beaming and he thanks her?! Has anyone else watched this five times (three times alone then twice with their husband)? Just asking for a friend...;)



  1. This is the sweetest thing ever. Warms my heart. Thanks for sharing!!