Microadventure Mondays.

{July 14th, 2015}

This summer has been much busier than anticipated. 

Isn't that life, though? :)

While our time has been filled with lots (and lots) of good things, it's also nice to take a step back and, ahhh...breathe.

AC was reading on one of his favorite sites, The Art of Manliness, on a Sunday afternoon when he said, "tomorrow we are going on a microadventure

So we did.

"Adventure is a state of mind, a spirit of trying something new and leaving your comfort zone. Adventure is about enthusiasm, ambition, open-mindedness, and curiosity..."adventure" is not only crossing deserts and climbing mountains; adventure can be found everywhere, every day, and it is up to us to seek it out." -Alastair Humphreys, Microadventures

 I tell ya, being married to someone with a heart for adventure is such a gift.

And this view? Such a gift as well.

What adventures have yall taken lately?


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