Back to the Batey (Yay!).

{August 10th, 2015}

I'm so excited that we will be headed back to Batey Central at the end of this month!

You may have read about my experiences there in this post I published back in the Spring. It was truly life changing, and I couldn't wait for another opportunity to go again.

God really opened up the doors for us to be able to experience another trip to this special place and I am so grateful. I'm so glad that he's not done with us yet!

 There was a time when we thought we would never be able to join the team once, much less twice. We found out a few months ago that I would be able to go with this group. I was thrilled, because to be totally honest, I doubted the opportunity would ever arise again. Although I was so excited, I was also a little bummed that Andrew would not be able to go due to his hectic work schedule. After all, he was the one who suggested we go the first time, and watching him on our last trip proved that he has an incredible gift! However, it just didn't seem to work out.

 Well, we found out that a spot on the trip opened up on Friday, and Andrew was approached about joining. We prayed and prayed some more, but I had my doubts (once again. honesty.) Andrew spoke with his boss this morning, who said he should absolutely go, and that it was perfect timing due to Andrew transitioning soon to a new position at work. I got the best text after that conversation, and we celebrated once we got home! We are beyond excited and so thankful!

Would y'all pray for us as we prepare to go, and as we are in the batey at the end of the month? That we would strengthen the relationships that were started back in the Spring, and that new ones would be formed? We will be registering the kids for school and implementing some teacher training; however, the main focus is to build relationships with the people and show the love of Christ. Thank you so much for supporting us!

Also, if you would like to contribute financially to our trip (will help cover our meals, lodging, and transportation in the city, plus a love gift to our missionary/host family), please email me at I can give you more details and get you all set up!

Lastly, here are some more pictures from our time at the school. I cannot WAIT to get down there again and spend time with these people!

Much love,


  1. Yeah!! God is so good! (can I go, too??) Dad and I will be praying!!