Pelican View.

{August 3rd, 2015}

Last weekend we traveled to the Gulf to vacation with our Sunday night small group. Five couples and two babies in a house on the beach for three days. It was absolutely perfect.

I've talked about our Sunday night group before on here. I can say since that post, things have gotten even sweeter in our group, if that's possible. A whole weekend together was so much fun. We relaxed on the porch and the beach, we played games, we ate a whoooole lot of delicious food, we talked in to the late hours of the night, and we laughed. We laughed a LOT. 

Goodness. I love these people so much and am so thankful for them and our time together in the 'Sip. I know these are memories and friendships to last a lifetime.

(A Katrina tree! Several in front of our house! Love them.)

Until next time, vacation!



  1. One of the best posts ever! Loved so much about this.....for these special God-given relationships, a special weekend spent together, the pics are beautiful and you and Andrew make THE CUTEST couple ever. Love the Katrina trees and that sweet, chunky, baby Issac w/ his Uncle Anj! So glad you had a great vacation. You both have been working hard and deserved it!!