A Man and a Baby.

{September 28th, 2015}
Mondays can be hard.
So here are some pictures of a man holding a baby...

Happy Fall, Y'all!

{September 23rd, 2015}

Happy Fall! I am so excited about today:

Farewell Summer.

{September 22nd, 2015}

Hey y'all! Today is the last "official" day of Summer 2015...

Never Forget.

{September 11th, 2015}

We will never forget the victims, the families, the survivors, and the heroes from 9/11/2001...

Kale Chips {$1 Snack}

{September 8th, 2015}

Sometimes I crave a crunchy, salty snack that won't be followed by guilt. Ya know, like the guilt (and belly ache) that follows after we find ourselves staring at the empty bowl of what was once chips and guacamole or spicy party mix...

Running After You.

{September 6th, 2015}

It's been a beautiful morning reflecting on God's faithfulness and His love for us. Our pastor preached from Luke 15 today. Although I'm familiar with the story, I love re-reading it and learning new perspective.