Farewell Summer.

{September 22nd, 2015}

Hey y'all! Today is the last "official" day of Summer 2015...

But I mean, who are we kidding? It'll be hot here 'til the end of October.

Still, this Summer was indeed, quite crazy. The past few months have really flown, and it doesn't seem like the next few are going to be slowing down any, either. It sure is a fun season of life!

Farewell, Summer! You've been really good to us:

I officially started a new job with legal aid! It has been such a rewarding job that I love. I am so grateful for the opportunity! I also studied for and took another bar exam. I have less fuzzy feelings about this. I think it will pay off in the long run, though.

AC promoted to Captain (yay!) and just wrapped up working as an executive officer in his Commander's office. He is still flying often and of course, making us all proud as punch.

We took some vacation time and were able to travel home for a week to visit family and attend not one, but TWO beautiful, God-honoring weddings. 

Our time went by way too fast, but it was so sweet to all be together. It is hard living far away, and I am so thankful it was able to happen!

When we weren't working, we tried to make the very BEST of our last summer in this special place. 

Knowing we would be sending a couple from our life group off on their next adventure (sniffle), we spent a lot of quality time together. 

Mainly over meals and wine and a lot of laughs. And a lot of meals. ;)

 Our baby mascots are already SO much bigger than in this picture. They're basically walking and taking girls on dates now. Wah!

We spent a lot of time outdoors!

We also marked things off our local "Summer Bucket List." Which included cheese fries at fan appreciation night at the dirt track race. Laughing...

So sad that they're all gone. At least there were free fireworks?

It's been a wonderfully packed Summer. This house is ready for you, Fall!


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