Tide Turners.

{October 16th, 2015}

I recently read Everybody's Got Something by Robin Roberts...
I found this book during a kindle sale and am so glad that I did. For a quick read that is both entertaining and encouraging, I highly recommend it.

There are a lot of things I loved about this book, but I will just mention a few. The main reason I loved this particular memoir is because it felt as if Robin herself was sitting down with me and sharing about her life. I'll even go so far as to say it seemed as if she was leaning in towards me, over a glass of tea, and sharing her wisdom. Yes, I get that that's pulling a lot from a book. However, I think myself and other young women like me, traveling down the road of life (with our many times unreliable iphone GPSes), desire so much to have successful older women speak in to their lives in an honest, personal way. And if that can come from a book, well then imma' keep reading.

I quickly found my favorite Good Morning America host to be quite relatable (yes, despite her being super famous and amazing). Her faith is everything, she grew up in Mississippi, her dad is retired Air Force, her mama is her rock, she loves to work out, her dog is one of her best friends, she beat cancer twice, and let's face it (as if we didn't know) she is a BOSS. 

Yes, um, hi Ms. Roberts, were you looking for another Mississippi girl to mentor?

I was nodding and mmhmm-ing at many of her words, yet this one paragraph really stood out to me. Well, quite frankly, I found myself ugly crying and re-reading it to make sure I really understood what she was saying. I even have parts of it pasted in my prayer journal.

Ok,I've realized I have officially reached dork level in my sharing of my love for this book. Laugh. Either way, here goes:

"I know that I have cleared incredible hurdles in my career and with my health because of this family and because of this hard-earned love. I used to try to play it down, but not anymore. I am not going to apologize for the idyllic childhood and the wonderful siblings and the Christian home I grew up in. I know how blessed I am and I am thankful, but I also know it's not that way for everyone. I was talking to young woman recently who was going through her something and she said, "I don't have sisters to watch my back like you do. I didn't have the kind of mother you did." And I said to her what I've begun saying to people across the country, "Then why not let the legacy of love and support start with you?" When I suggested to this young woman that she could be the one to turn the tide, the one to begin a circle of love and support with family and friends (I believe family doesn't need to be just blood relatives) you should have seen her face. We live in a society where we believe we can change anything: our bodies, our bank accounts, our careers, our hometowns. We are mobile and proactive, and we are big dreamers. It's the American way. But when it comes to matters of home and hearth, we too often believe that the hand we are dealt is the only one we've got. It's not. People need to take more ownership, and say, no I haven't been loved, No, I don't get along with my siblings and it has never been this way in my family, but you know what, starting now it is.Why not be the one to start the kind of family you've always wanted to be a part of?"
  -Robin Roberts, Everybody's Got Something

Lord, make us tide turners!

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  1. I really liked your book. she inspires something unusual and excellent for all her readers