2015 Travels.

As A and I were reflecting on 2015, we noticed that we traveled to (at least) a different place every month. 

This really didn't come with much surprise (we try to forego "things" for "experiences"), but it was fun to look back on the places and the memories...

January: Return trip from family Christmas and our spontaneous NYC trip.

February: Seeing family in Indiana and then our first trip to the Dominican Republic (post here)

March: Tennessee Weekend with Family

April: Florida Weekend with Family (post here)

May: A Carolina wedding and a Disney Bachelorette!

June: Week of Weddings in South Carolina!

July: Gulf Coast Vacation with Life Group (post here)

August: Our return trip to the DR! 
(Which yes, an anonymous donor paid our way. SNIFFLE. Post here.)

September: Andrew's 5-week training in Alabama

October: Clemson Game with Friends, Home for an Engagement Party, and L's Seattle trip for work (and play :)) 

November: House hunting in Oklahoma and Carolina Thanksgivings

December: 1500 mile Christmas Vacation!

Thank you, Lord, for all these gifts! Family, friends, and your creation!


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