The Big Move.

Well friends, it's been a HOT minute since I have sat down and posted here. A huge apology to those who have been inquiring! Our lives have been quite the whirlwind over the past several months. Yes, I know, whose lives aren't? Sigh. Either way, I'm so thankful for this new adventure the Lord has sent us on, but am learning that such adventures don't always come without a little disorganization, right? I'm attempting to make myself feel better here. Just roll with it. ;)

So, in short: Uncle Sam called and told us it was time to move, so we have moved out West where A will be flying a new plane! We were sad to leave behind our first house and our amazing community, but our move went extremely well, and we bought our first home! Over the last few weeks we have unpacked (a big shout OUT to our wonderful friends and family), explored the area, and are loving the town and our house so far. Yes, even if the house is brick and tan with orange trim (we aren't in Kansas the beautifully architectural South anymore, Scout), we love it. :)

For those who want a more detailed account of what's been happening the last several months, it goes a lil' something like this:

This, let's call it, "new life trajectory" started creeping in this past summer and then hit full blast in late fall. At the end of July, we found out which plane A would be flying next and from which location he would be flying it. At that time, we assumed we would be moving in the Spring of the next year, when A's three year Mississippi assignment was complete. In October, A attended a five week training out of town. After two and a half years of marital bliss, this was our first time being apart (and all the real military wives shake their heads)...and we got to see each other on weekends because, thankfully, the training was only a few hours away (the aforementioned wives are now full-on face palming). Obviously I missed my husband being home every night, but it turned out to be a great time for me to get a lot accomplished around the house and for us to better communicate/write each other sweet letters and emails/talk on the phone at night/party like it was 2010. The training went extremely well, I was getting in a good groove at my new cases, and we were looking forward to life when he was home. It was at the end of that training that we learned we would be moving at the beginning of January. Although we of course knew a move would be coming soon (we signed up for this, right?) it still came as quite a smack, because in our minds, this impending move was months away.

"By the time this training is over it will be the holidays! And we know how busy that is going to be! We have to wrap up work! And find a place to live! And spend time with everyone! And as soon as Christmas is over we have to MOVE OUR WHOLE LIVES." 

It wasn't so much the physical act of moving that seemed so daunting. As a type A person, I was actually jazzed about decluttering, lining up a truck, collecting supplies, packing boxes, and making coordinating, color coded lists (don't judge me). The hard part was "WE DON'T HAVE TIME TO SAY GOODBYE!" And, it was true, that those eight weeks FLEW by. Yes, we managed to declutter, organize, and pack with ease. We even managed to wrap up work in a timely manner. But the best part of all was we learned (once again) that our lives are not ours, we are only given one, and it's always a good time to make the most of it. We were able to make countless memories with those who mean the most to us.

We celebrated AC's final flight in the T-1A. Where he trained over 300 students with over 600 flights and 1300 flying hours, and served as the squadron's executive officer. (HUSBAND BRAG: He works really hard to ensure our freedoms and he looks like this in a flight suit. AMEN.)

We had numerous get-togethers with our Mississippi family- dinner parties, long walks, coffee dates, and late night talks.

We spent the Holidays with our family, traveling over 1500 miles, so that we could spend our week visiting with those dearest to us and celebrate Jesus' birthday!

We spent the last day of 2015 with some of our Clemson family, cheering the Tigers to an Orange Bowl Victory!

And then, the realization occurred sometime during our six hour drive back, that we had a week left before our big move. WOMP WOMP.

That week though was SO sweet, and the icing on the cake was the most PERFECT going away party our friends threw for us the night before we left.

The next day, with heavy but expectant hearts, we emptied our little yellow house, packed the trucks, and headed on our way.

As difficult as moving may be, that weekend will forever be held as one of my favorites. Where friends and family rallied to love on us, help us, and pray for us as we go where the Lord has called. I will never forget our little group praying, laughing, crying, and hugging goodbye "just one more time" before we all climbed in our cars. 

How is it that we would be given such a gift?

So now, here we are, in a brand new place, with hopefully a brand new community out there waiting for us. We've done it before, and we will do it again. Lord willing. I'm so thrilled to see what all we are going to learn through this new season of life. I'm learning that each gets sweeter (in good times and hard) and that makes even the biggest "changes in trajectory" all worth it.

I love y'all!


  1. I've been hoping you would write again soon. Loved this one and especially all the great pictures!! Thank you for letting us take a look into your fun-filled lives!!

    Much love!!

  2. You and Andrew are so special to us, and we love hearing about your special adventures! So glad you made it safely to your new home. Keep the stories coming :) Love you! Aunt Karen & Uncle Bob

  3. This is such a sweet post. Don't you just love how the Air Force always gives ample warning before a move?! ;) I'm anxious to hear about your time in Norman and all the new connections you are making!