Maggie's Southern Christmas Tour.

We had a special first Christmas as a family of four. 
(yes, including Scout dog)

Over the span of two weeks, we traveled through eight different states and over two-thousand miles to visit with family and friends.


Scout has always been the best road traveler, and with much relief, we learned that Maggie is as well! Traveling with a six-week old is actually much easier than we could have imagined. We had a blast in the car singing songs, drinking coffee, and taking in all the sights.

In a moment of full disclosure, however, I must admit riding shotgun while pumping milk is both awkward and hilarious. *Quickly covers with a blanket when getting within 50 feet of an 18-wheeler because we just don't need that kind of a memory on this trip*

And needless to say, Maggie was the hit of every party. 



  1. How am I just NOW seeing this??? Love all these pics....they are excellent!!