10 on 10: February 2017.

10 pictures capturing everyday moments from the last month:

1. I cannot believe this time last year we were settling in to our new home.

So much good has happened in this past year, and I am beyond grateful. I remember being anxious for what this new season of life would hold for us. The Lord is so faithful! We pass this field on our walks every day, and I still can't get over these Oklahoma sunsets and the life we've been allowed to build here.

2. Maggie continues to send me through the roof with her happy, playful demeanor.

She's adjusting well to daycare and learning lots of new tricks. She "talks" up a storm, which she obviously gets from her father. ;) Although I miss her during the day and can't WAIT to get my hands on her, I'm thankful she is socializing and learning from other babies and adults. It's so important to us that she learns the value of community (and that mama and daddy aren't the whole world- even if we may want to be ;)) at an early age.  

3. See also: Catching glimpses of Andrew's time with her melts me in to a pile of goo.

4. We aren't big Valentine's Day participants, but I did come home on Friday to a clean house, grocery store flowers, and a man cooking dinner while wearing my baby in a Moby wrap.

He then asked, "Did you want red wine tonight or a bourbon?" *INSERT ALL THE PRAISE HANDS EMOJIS*

5. Speaking of the Moby wrap...we LOVE ours!

Where would we be without this magical invention? On a particularly fussy day (yay twelve week growth spurt) at the end of my maternity leave, I put M in here so I could finish my housework and prep dinner. She snuggled and napped and I got to kiss and smell her little head 1,702,486,001 times.

6. Now, only a few weeks later, she has enough head control to face out and kick her long legs!

It was eighty degrees and sunny this weekend, so we took full advantage. We took a long walk around campus with a friend, ate lunch on our patio, and sat in our backyard for hours soaking up the sun.

7. We continue to host a small group Bible study at our house on Tuesday nights.

We had several college students join the group, which I love. I've always had a heart for younger students and I love the fun, unique experiences and personalities they bring to our table.

Also, this is where Scout posts up EVERY week while they stand around and chat (after she's completed her rounds of rubbing against each person in an attempt to get as many pets as possible). I'm thinking of taking her to the law school during finals week to offer her snuggle services. ;)

8. Andrew has started selling his paintings under his new company, "Red Dog Designs". 

He does more than dog prints, but these are definitely the most popular! 

9. I was sworn in to the Oklahoma Bar under the Military Spouse Rule last week. 

The judge agreed to keep it laid-back, allowing us ALL to come in the early morning before daycare and work obligations. She was so lovely. Having my baby girl there was the icing on the cake, even if she slept through the oath. It was a day I will never forget and I am so grateful to the Air Force for providing such valuable experiences for our family! It's a good life!

10. We are laying low travel-wise until the Spring, but have some fun trips planned the rest of the year! We will keep y'all posted on our adventures!


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