Maggie: Month Three

{Smocked dress made with love from GG}

Maggie continues to dazzle us every day with her sweet smile and growing personality. 
Here are some three month updates...

She started home daycare with Miss N and Miss H and five other baby friends. She is adjusting well and beams a dimpled smile when she's dropped off in the mornings. She especially loves Miss N, who seems to provide the best snuggles! It's been difficult for me not having family around to love on her, but Miss N is an answer to our prayer. 

Our mornings and evenings are even more cherished times. Daddy is in charge of bath time, which she still LOVES! We jokingly refer to it as her spa time. He provides nothing less than the VIP treatment: bath, scalp massage, lotion rubdown, and a lavender oil foot massage! ;) Seeing him with her melts my heart every.single.time and selfishly, I love that our little bedtime routine (bath, Bible story, and dinner) helps her sleep through the night!

Speaking of family, thank the good Lord for Facetime. These dates are the highlight of our weeks! I just love taking screen shots of PatPat and PaPa's reaction when the video first turns on (they may just now be learning of this. forgive me!)  It's SUCH a shame this little girl isn't loved! ;)

Also, grandparent packages are our favorite! 
Could GG have picked a cuter onesie for this future tiger?!

She loves posing for pictures...

Dancing and singing to music (JT not required, but preferred)

(Click play)

Bundling up for walks with Scout dog..

Trying on different outfits and playing on the floor...

Snuggling with mama...

Smiling at Daddy...

And in general, killing us every day with her cuteness and sending us in to melted piles of goo with her expressions!

We are having so much fun with our happy little lady and it's a privilege to be entrusted with her care!

We love you, Baby Girl!


  1. SO LOVE all these pictures!! It's difficult for family NOT to be around to love on her, TOO! Somedays I'm SO lonely for you guys!! We didn't have fam close when we raised our boys, either, I know it's rough, but HOPEFULLY, someday!! :) :) Sending hugs and kisses your way!!

  2. The girl is so lovely! Maggie is really wanderful child looks like an angel.

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